The SITRANS FSS100 is the perfect choice for highly accurate flow measurement on existing or new pipes. The SITRANS FSS100 inline ultrasonic sensor package includes necessary tools for the installation of 1 to 4 path measurements. Positioning of the transducers directly in the medium enables long-term stable and accurate measurements



Rely on SITRANS FS inline ultrasonic flowmeters for flow measurements with the highest accuracy. This flexible product family offers something for every industry and utility application: ATEX approvals, HART and PROFIBUS PA communication, comprehensive diagnostics and much more. Easily retrofittable, with no process downtime and battery-powered options included.

Whether calculating energy in district heating, chilled water or combined cooling/heating applications, SITRANS FS inline flowmeters cover every installation imaginable.

• SITRANS FUS080 (Transmitter): comes in mains- and battery-powered versions for ultimate versatility
• SITRANS FUS380 (System): for water flow monitoring
• SITRANS FUE380 (System): with custody transfer approval for energy metering systems
• SITRANS FUE950 (Energy Calculator): can be used with various Siemens ultrasonic and electromagnetic flowmeters

Integreringsverk energi


The battery or mains powered SITRANS FUE950 is a universal custody transfer approved energy calculator. It is designed for use in hot water, chilled water and cooling/heating applications. The calculator is modular and can be equipped with optional output modules depending on the application.

  • MID directive approval for custody transfer for water energy metering

  • Cooling approval (according national German PTB K7.2 standard)  

  • Suitable for 2 and 4 wire temperature sensor connection  

  • Delivered with heat-/cooling approved PT500 sensor set (incl. sensor pockets)              

  • Optical M-Bus  data reading in accordance with EN 1434

  • Instantaneous values for energy and volume flow

  • Flexible input / output option modules

  • Long battery lifetime (up to 16 years)

  • Option for 2 current outputs (4 ... 20mA, passive)

Integreringsverk energi


•   Plug-in calculator module
•   Precise energy measurement of all thermal applications in district heating or building technology
•   Enables smart metering: provides accurate meter measurements remotely
•   Bidirectional energy measurement: cooling and heating measurements in the same device
•   Interfaces for building management systems: M-Bus, LON, Modbus, N2Open, BACnet MS/TP, KNX
•   Interfaces for radio readout: WM-Bus (OMS) or LoRaWAN
•   Selection of main power
•   Modularly expandable
•   Optimal system integration
•   Fluide substance data for water-glycol mixtures
•   Integrated power supply for flowmeters
•   Metrological approval according to 2014/32/EU (MID) and PTB K7.2 (cold, hot/cold combined)
•   Easy installation: plug and play

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