Woltman bulkvattenmätare 

Woltman vattenmätare

MWN Nubis

Resistant to the external magnetic field, according to EN14154-3

  • Low starting slow rate

  • Wide measuring range

  • Ease read-out due to a freely adjustable rotary counter dial placed in the casing

  • Possibility of electronic check-up of the metrological parameters of the water meter

  • Removable measuring insert in covered casing

Woltman vattenmätare


The H4000 is a Woltmann-type meter designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water for revenue billing in commercial or industrial applications and distribution system monitoring. Available in sizes 40mm to 300mm for flow rates of between 0.35m³/h and 2000m³/h.

• Multiple pulsed output for increased management information.
• Extended low and high flow performance.
• Suitable for forward and reverse flow metering.
• ISO 4064 Class B specification for forward flow installations in the horizontal, vertical and inclined position.
• ISO 4064 Class B specification for the reverse flow for sizes up to 150mm.
• Robust shroud and copper can register for long life and readability.
• Use of an in-line strainer to protect the rotor. • Maximum working temperature of 50ºC. • Maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

Woltman vattenmätare


Ultrasonic (static) meter (no moving parts) for smart metering applications

 Free flow technology: no reflectors in the pipe
No dirt adhesion, more precise, lower pressure drop

 Multiple networks ready
•   LoRaWAN (LoRa Alliance certified), wireless M-Bus (OMS), M-Bus, pulses
•   MultiCom enabled (simultaneous LoRaWAN and w-MBus) for flexible evolutions
•   Pulse Output always ON, whatever the chosen digital communication

 ParamApp ready
•   Easy configuration/diagnostics on the field with the user friendly ParamApp application

 Smart meter
•   A lot of available information, and a full panel of events detections to manage the network (leakage, burst, overload, water temperature, reverse flow)

 Robust: IP68, up to 16 years lifetime, tamperproof by design

Woltman vattenmätare


Universal installation position

  • No straight flow section required before the meter

  • Register can be turned through 355°

  • Maximum operating pressure PN 16 bar

  • Temperature up to 50 °C

  • Rotor is hydrodynamically, radially, and axially balanced

  • Available in the standard installation lengths for WS and WP meter

  • Powder coating provides optimum corrosion protection

  • Non-ferrous metal design up to PN 16 bar

  • SVGW certification

  • Flood-proof standard pulser register (IP68) with a port for one Opto-OD-Pulser and provision for a HRI-Mei pulser

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